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We've curated a few links to essential accessories for off-roading adventures that you can find on Amazon. We get a little bit of coin from Jeff Bezos to help us keep the lights on every time you shop with one of these links.


Tire Pump / Air Compressor


This is the air pump carried in the previous and current SCORCH lead rigs. You are going to need an air compressor to air up after off-roading and this is the one to get.  It's a beefy compressor that very quickly got the SCORCH X-terra's stock tires back to street levels and now is surprisingly quick doing the job for the SCORCH Wrangler's massive 35" tires.  Under $200 on Amazon,

Screenshot 2022-09-11 at 19-38-52 Boulder Tools Tire Deflators and 80 PSI Tire Pressure Ga

Tire Deflator / Pressure Gauge


Once you set these handy buggers, airing your tires down before a ride becomes way easier.  Just screw them onto your valve stems and air bleeds out until hitting around your target pressure.  Use the included pressure gauge to check the precision when airing down or up. It all comes in a handy hard-shell kit that's easy to store.  The SCORCH Wrangler has this set on board at all times. Under $35 on Amazon.

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Trail Radios

Trail radios are an essential component of any group off road ride.  You'll need to hear from the ride leader and want the option to communicate with other riders up and down the line. Here are the radios and accessories we use and recommend for SCORCH rides. Check out our Essential Trail Radios Primer to learn more important information about selecting and using before diving in.


This supremely affordable 5-watt radio is a great option for trail rides and the used most often by our members.  Programing in an "A" and "B" frequency, then switching between the two on the fly, is a snap.  It is powerful enough to be heard up and down the line in clear terrain and still wildly capable for a handheld when obstructed. Under $25 on Amazon.


This 8-watt, third generation edition of Baofeng's most popular handheld radio is our go-to radio.  It's got a solid range and surprising volume for a trail radio that fits into your cup holder. Unless you are the lead, rear, or middle-gunner rig in a long line of rigs, this is the radio that will do the trick at a nice price.  Under $75 on Amazon.


This 50-watt monster from Baofeng is the most power you will find for your buck. If you've got the space to mount it in the front of the cabin then you'll have no problem being heard.  This solution is ideal for dispersed off roading situations where the group breaks up, or for those playing a communications role in within a long line of rigs. Around $210 on Amazon.

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Radio Antennas

Get the best range out of your trail radio.

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Screw this 15.6 inch flexible whip antenna onto for your handheld 5 or 8-watt Baofeng radio for a significant signal boost. This Dual Band (VHF/UHF) high gain antenna is soft and flexible, making it able to withstand more than a stock radio antenna while extending your range. Around $21 on Amazon.

Nagoya UT-72.jpg

This Authentic Genuine Nagoya super loading coil 19-inch magnetic mount VHF/UHF antenna is the perfect match for your 50W mounted Baofeng radio and also includes an adapter for BaoFeng handheld radios. The magnet is super strong and the antenna has great flex, meaning its staying on even as you drive under low hanging foliage. Around $35 on Amazon.


Radio Batteries

Stay connected all weekend long.


Extended Long Life replacement battery for the UV-5R and BF-F8HP Series BaoFeng Radios that more than doubles the life compared the stock battery. Around $20 on Amazon.


This battery eliminator for BF-F8HP, UV-5X3, and UV-5R BaoFeng handheld radios takes all the worry out of managing battery life during your off road adventures. Around $19 on Amazon.

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Recovery Gear

Hope for the Best.  Plan for the Worst.


Unless you are rocking a winch, always keep a tow strap with you in the wild. This 20' x 3" strap has a lab tested and certified 31,518lbs break strength and comes with a handy pouch so you can keep it in your cargo area. Also available in 30" length. Around $37 on Amazon.


If you need to get pulled out of a ditch and only have closed hitch points (loops instead of hooks) you are going to need a D-ring shackle to connect the cable or tow strap to your rig. These TICONN D-ring shackles are made of heavy duty drop forged steel with a 57,000Ibs break strength and towing capacity of 9,500 lbs. Removable rubber isolators keep them from scratching your bumper. Around $20 on Amazon.

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