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The Advance Team for SCORCH Rides

An important part of planning any SCORCH event is putting eyes on the trails and terrain with a small group of SCORCH Scouts. These scouting runs range from checking the trail conditions for rides that are already mapped to going out on wild scouts where we plan a route from scratch.


SCORCH Scouts tend to drive rugged rigs that can cover ground quickly while also handling rough terrains and challenges. The trips usually include taking time to try out harder trails for fun, discovery, and consideration as an optional challenge during a SCORCH event.

SCORCH Scouts are ordained by invitation only. There's two ways to get an invitation.

  • Be a Loyal SCORCH Member - If you come to enough events that we get to know you AND you have rig that fits well with our scouting runs, Jonathan Z will invite you into the program.

  • Have a "YouTube Ready" Rig - We shoot our most of our YouTube channel videos during our scouting runs and love to feature unique rigs and builds, so if you come to an event with one of those you might find yourself invited into the Scouts at the end of the ride.


Our scouting runs are planned and coordinated through a separate private Meetup group.

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