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Rowher Flats
OHV Area

11/13/2022 @8:45am

We’re getting together on a Sunday for an off-road ride that has something for everyone as we check out the trails around the Rowher Flats OHV Area.  Located just outside Los Angeles in the Angeles National Forest, the area’s network of trails offers stunning views and a wide range of challenges.    


The park is not very big, but we’ve worked out easy, intermediate, and hard routes that will deliver views and be fun to drive. The “hard” group will break off to hit the infamous Rowher Trail for part of the journey as the rest of the rigs take the easy main trail with lots of optional intermediate challenges. Since this is an out-and-back run, drivers will have the chance to step it on the way back or take on previous challenges from the other direction.


We’ll take a long lunch break together on a high bluff overlooking a reservoir and the surrounding valleys. This event will definitely be family friendly due to its short duration, engaging scenery, and the ability to either avoid or embrace challenges.  We’ll hit a low altitude of 2,000 feet altitude and top out at nearly 5,000 feet. Along the way we will pass through forest and rocky terrains.


We are managing our RSVPs on Meetup. Come on out! Read on for more info.

20221029_165159256_iOS med.jpg


The “easy” route is mostly a snap, with only small rocks here and there to deal with plus a few ruts from time to time where water has worn grooves in or across the trail. Intermediate drivers will have the opportunity to navigate some obstacles that are alongside the trail or embark on short offshoots that run right back into the main trail. These offshoots can feature different challenges including rock shelves, deep ruts, larger rocks, and steep angles.  Almost all of these options can be seen from the main trail, so you will have a chance to evaluate them and watch others move through them before having to commit to the option.


The built rigs and experienced drivers will break off to take Rowher Trail.  This short but challenging ridgeline trail features steep angles, rock shelves, and larger rocks. There are often easier (but not easy) line options for the obstacles.  The middle of this route will include a stop at an optional “challenge wall” of steep climbs for the bravest amongst us. This breakout trail will be run on the way and on the way back, for double the fun.   


Since this is a Sunday event and the park is not that big, the plan is to have you back on the road by 4pm at the latest but hopefully earlier than that. To pull that off, we need you all aired-down and ready for a driver’s meeting at 9am sharp so we can be rolling by 9:15am.

We are meeting in a dirt lot on the corner of Sierra Highway and Rush Canyon Canyon Road.  Type "Rowher Flats OHV Area" into Google/Waze.  Do not drive to the one that does not have "area" in the title, since that one is inside the park.  We are the one RIGHT OFF OF SIERRA HIGHWAY. You will pass plenty of gas options along the way and will cover less than 40 miles during the ride.

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Here are some recommended items to bring along.  We get a little kickback from Bezos if you buy any with our links.  You can also visit our store for more gear suggestions.




Though we are not parking in the OHV area, please consider purchasing an Adventure Pass for the day for $5 to support the park and forest.


SCORCH is not officially hosting a campsite but you can use the event chat on Meetup to coordinate with other SCORCHers who might be interested in finding and forming a camp.

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We ran the trails on October 29. Despite being a beautiful Saturday so close to Los Angeles, we pretty much had the trails to ourselves.  Jonathan Z brought out the SCORCH Wrangler and SCORCH Scout Bob represented in a pretty old school but lovingly modified Cherokee. Both vehicles handled all terrains surefootedly, though each had brief body contact with rocks when trying particularly hard but optional challenges. Neither vehicle took damage.

From a ride execution standpoint, the ride will have three challenges.  The first will be timing the Rowher Trail riders to reconnect with the main group. Bob will lead the hard group while Jonathan takes the rest.


The second challenge will be not having the ride end too quickly.  We'll make sure to squeeze as much fun as possible out of every optional challenge to keep the day from speeding by too fast.


The final challenge will be pulling off an epic lunch hangout.  Possible factors include too much wind, too cold, not enough room for the rigs, and too hard to get all rigs up to the plateau.  We're sure the SCORCH spirit will prevail and it will work out just fine. 

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The organizers of SCORCH meetups are not responsible for any damage done to your person or vehicle at the events, getting to the events, or after the events. We are a group of adults meeting up for an activity that takes a high degree of personal responsibility. All participants must do so at their own risk.


If you act like an asshat, douche, idiot, jerk, or in any way behave or operate your vehicle in a manner that is a risk or annoyance to others or does not respect the rules of the land we are on, you will be asked to leave the ride and be possibly ejected from SCORCH.






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