We are holding a one day ride in Southern California to say goodbye to summer.

This will be a family-friendly ride that will be suitable for drivers of off-road trucks and SUVs of all levels plus offers great challenges for skilled drivers and built-up rigs.

It's the perfect day to explore the world of 4x4ing, build your skills, or scratch that off-roading itch one last time before summer comes to a close.




Located in the Tejon Pass north of Los Angeles and along the Interstate 5 corridor, Hungry Valley offers 19,000 acres and more than 130 miles of scenic trails off-roading recreation.


The wide variety of trails at Hungry Valley provide excitement for both beginner and experienced off-roaders.  

The meetup point will be at the 4X4 practice track in the park located at 34.7234868, -118.8656676 or enter "4x4 practice area Gorman" into Google/Waze, though consider saving time by coming into the park through the south entrance via the Smokey Bear Road exit on the I-5.

​RSVPs will be handled on our page.



We'll gather at the meetup point at 8am then get rolling at 8:30am sharp.

We will spend the first part of the day in the west side of the park, which is a mix of fixed trails and open areas.  We'll make an easy run out to Condor Mesa then move through Sterling Canyon Trail.  We will then take Rattler Trail south with a stop along the way for an optional challenge that will get the heart pounding a bit.

Then we will head into Freeman Canyon on the east side of the park so we can ride the narrow, windy, and fun Vics Cat Trail followed by a leisurely run along Powerline road to get to Pronghorn Trail.


Pronghorn, and our ride, ends at Gatekeeper.  This is the hardest feature of the park and offers a short white-knuckle descent.  Those not wanting to take on this challenge will have an opportunity to exit the park before we hit it via Quail Canyon road.

We will stop for a lunch break along the way, plus take a few smaller stops, and  are aiming to be done by 5pm.

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Three resources to help you prepare or just satisfy your curiosity.  These links all open in new windows...


The GPX link may open as a huge text document but simply download the file and upload to your navigation application of choice.



The meetup point will be at the 4X4 practice track in the park located at 34.7234868, -118.8656676 or enter "4x4 practice area Gorman" into Google/Waze.


However, most mapping programs will have you drive north up the 5 to the Gorman exit (202) that takes you into the park through the north kiosk. You will save a lot of time by instead exiting Smokey Bear Road (exit 195) a few exits earlier on the 5 north, making a left under the freeway, then a left onto Pyramid Lake Road and an IMMEDIATE RIGHT onto Hungry Valley Road. This takes you to the oft-forgotten south kiosk which is significantly closer to the practice area. It's $5 to enter the park but don't be surprised if the kiosk is closed and you can roll in for free.

If you come in through the south kiosk as we recommend, make sure to stop in Castaic (exits 176A and 176B) for gas as that will be your last chance since you will not be hitting the gas stations around the north entrance.

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The SCORCH Summer Send Off at Gorman will be a fun day for all.  There are some things you should bring along to make the most of it.

  • Lots of water - It doesn't have to be hot to be dry.  It's still the desert and there is no where to get water

  • Food - We will be making a full lunch stop plus you know you are going to want to snack along the way

  • Clothing - Layers for shifting temperatures and good shoes for loose dirt.

  • Radio - We recommend this BaoFeng radio so you can hear the other riders and the lead rig/basecamp which will be broadcasting a 50w signal you will pick up anywhere at the event. You can elect to go with CB but the range tends to be very limited.

  • Air Pump - We recommend this off road air compressor to quickly air SUV and truck tires up and down for better trail performance. Do not show up with a cigarette lighter-powered pump for passenger cars.

  • Tow Gear - Bring a tow cable like this one or winch and have tow points to connect them to so we can pull you out of a ditch if needed. 

  • Spare Tire - Duh!

  • Camp Chairs - Bring a decent portable chair like this (or this one) for the lunch stop.

  • Garbage bags - The nearest dumpsters will be driving distance so be prepared to pack out your trash.

  • Cash - It's $5 to get in the park and we are not sure they take credit cards.



The organizers of this meetup are not responsible for any damage done to your person or vehicle at this event, getting to this event, or after this event. We are a group of adults meeting up for an activity that takes a high degree of personal responsibility. All participants must do so at their own risk.


If you act like an asshat, douche, idiot, jerk, or in any way behave or operate your vehicle in a manner that is a risk or annoyance to others or does not respect the park, you will be asked to leave the ride and be possibly ejected from SCORCH.



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