OCTOBER 17-18 2020


Join us for all or part of the weekend as we romp all over Ocotillio Wells and the  surrounding desert.  We are celebrating our 5th anniversary with our signature mix of chill and challenge.  Drivers and vehicles of all levels will enjoy this endless playground of options and exploration. 


We are leaning into the H in SCORCH (it's 'Hangouts') by centering this event around a base camp forming with dispersed camping on Friday night from which to stage day and night excursions through the weekend.


Stunning vistas, remote exploration, fun terrains, inspirational desert sunsets and sunrises await. This unique event is what you make of it.



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OCTOBER 17 & 18


Our first event took place in 2015 in Gorman at Hungry Valley SVRA.  Since then we have held 25 events and grown into one of Southern California's largest off-roading groups.


In that time our events have earned a reputation for being fun, laid back, and welcoming to drivers and rigs of all levels.  This one will be no different.


It's free as always to come along and guests are welcome as well. RSVPs will be handled on our Meetup.com page and there is never a fee to join our group.

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Newbies.  This is going to be a great event for you. The terrain is varied and provides many obstacles to test your skills...or you can just drive around them. Ocotillio Wells features a mixed-open terrain which offers many alternatives to avoid or tackle some tough stuff. Plus Saturday starts with a visit to a practice area where you can get some pointers while establishing your comfort level.

Intermediates: This terrain is perfect for intermediate riders. We will encounter options and obstacles that will help you build your skills while offering fun challenges, which you can elect to avoid.


Hardcore:  The practice area where we start on Saturday (and is also close to basecamp) offers world class opportunities to show off what you got.  The anyway-you-want-to terrain means you will have plenty of chances during all the rides to take the hard way.  Too easy?  Try it in the dark.

All rides are lead by a mostly stock Nissan X-Terra Off Road Edition upgraded with better (but not bigger) tires, 2" body lift for tire articulation, rock rails, some armor, a skilled driver, and a new plastic front bumper to replace the old plastic bumper that fell off.

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Basecamp will be located on or near 33.25170, -116.01192.  This puts us in Ocotillio Wells SVRA, 85,000 acres of magnificent desert open for off-highway exploration and recreation operated by California State Parks.

This is a dispersed-camping location with no formal campsites, reservations, or services.  If you have never done it before, it is an odd and liberating feeling all at once that will change how you think about camping.  We will have a central spot for a bonfire (if allowed) and pre/post ride gatherings,

It's a stone's throw from a pair of vault toilets and a trash bin, but running water is up to you.  It's 10 minutes to an AM/PM gas station and market plus several fast food options, so you are not exactly on the far side of the moon either.

Bring your camper or toy-hauler.  We will be surrounded by dry river beds that are ideal for ATVs, dirt bikes, or SXSing.  Winds are always a possibility so if you bring a tent, bring stakes.

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Friday, October 16

Make it the weekend you deserve by blowing off work / school early and heading up on Friday.  You will save yourself the drive on Saturday and get the bonus of waking up in a remote corner of the desert.  A Friday night kickoff bonfire  will take place to get the weekend started right.  Details will be worked out in the event chat on Meetup.

Saturday, October 17

Check the website before arrival since the meetup spot may shift a few hundred yards in any direction once we get on site Friday night.  Have your vehicle aired down and ready to roll at 9am at the meetup spot.  We will hit the nearby practice area featuring obstacles for all skill levels.  We will then all head across the entire park together.  Those up for a challenge will take the hard way back by going down a dry river bed never meant for vehicles while the rest return to camp on well marked dirt roads.  A bonfire and sunset/night excursion cap off the day.

Sunday, October 18

Pack up and be ready to roll at 9am.  We're taking the long and fun way out as we carve through the desert until we end up on Highway 86 so you can keep going.  We'll have you home long before dark.

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  • The main ride on Saturday covers about 36 miles and will take 4-6 hours depending on hard/easy route split on way back.

  • Mid-October weather in the desert can range from chilly at night to sweltering during the day.  Check the forecast often and plan for anything.

  • Appropriate social distancing will be expected and respected.

  • If Saturday's route seems familiar, its from Camp SCORCH 2020 for those who didn't want to deal with Desert Safari. See it here.

  • This is the third attempt to celebrate our 5th anniversary this year.  The first was cancelled for COVID and the second was pulled due to wildfires.  Keep your fingers crossed.

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This is an off-road drive off the grid across the desert during an unpredictable time of the year. Get your vehicle inspected and pack it accordingly. Please use the specific links below for any purchases as we earn a small commission from Amazon to support our group. (All links open in new window)


  • Lots of water - It's dry in the desert. More than you realize.  Plus there will be no running water.

  • Food - Lunch will be on the trail on Saturday.  The rest of the meals will take place at base camp.  There are fast food options about 10-15 minutes from base camp.

  • Radio - The lead rig will be broadcasting a mix of important and objectively useless information throughout the ride. We are no longer supporting CB.  Read here about selecting and programming a radio for all SCORCH rides. 

  • Air Pump - We recommend this off road air compressor to quickly air SUV and truck tires up and down for better trail performance. Do not show up with a cigarette lighter-powered pump for passenger cars.

  • Tow Gear - Bring a tow cable like this one or winch and have tow points to connect them to so we can pull you out of a ditch if needed. 

  • Spare Tire - Duh!

  • Camp Chairs - Bring a decent portable chair like this (or this one) for the lunch stop and chilling at basecamp.

  • Garbage bags - There are garbage bins nearby but in case they are closed for some COVID reason, be prepared to pack out all trash

  • Sunblock - Shade?  What shade?  It's the desert.

  • Firewood - We are planning community bonfires for Friday and Saturday night unless fire restrictions are in effect.  Please bring wood to contribute to these events.


  • Tools - Any tools you can bring along that might help get your rig or another driver's rig patched up in the wild would be greatly appreciated.

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It only took us 5 years but we finally decided have t-shirts made.  We took the extra step and went for upgraded ringspun cotton that is super soft and breathable so you are comfy when hitting the trails in the heat.  These crew neck tees are available in red or black. Sizes are Men's M, L, XL or XXL.

$25 if you order before October 1. $30 after. $10 extra if you want one shipped to you. Supplies are very limited.

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The organizers of this meetup are not responsible for any damage done to your person or vehicle at this event, getting to this event, or after this event. We are a group of adults meeting up for an activity that takes a high degree of personal responsibility. All participants must do so at their own risk.


If you act like an asshat, douche, idiot, jerk, or in any way behave or operate your vehicle in a manner that is a risk or annoyance to others or does not respect the trails and park, you will be asked to leave the ride and be possibly ejected from SCORCH.

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Headquartered in

Hermosa Beach, CA


Twitter: @scorch4x4

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