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JUNE 20, 2020



We get it.  You have been cooped up to varied degrees since the middle of March.  SCORCH has your back with a social-distancing friendly, family friendly, and newbie friendly event.  The single-day event takes place on Saturday, June 20, 2020.

You'll go from desert floor to alpine forest and back in the span of a few hours, encountering jaw dropping views along the way.  You'll enjoy a leisurely BYO lunch in the woods overlooking a ridiculously peaceful meadow.

It's your pandemic-era reward for having a 4X4 you are willing to get dirty.

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The event starts at 8:30am from the entrance to Dove Springs OHV north of the town of Mojave on the 14 freeway, which you can find by searching "Dove Springs Entrance" on Google Maps or Waze. We advise arriving early.  THE DRIVERS MEETING STARTS AT 8:30 sharp. 


We will make our way west across the desert floor on dirt trails that run through Joshua trees, wildflowers and a spring.  We will reach the southern edge of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and start making our way up,  Our lunch stop will be at the top at 6,300 feet in the southern tip of the Sequoia National Forest.

Our way back down will take a different trail that offers a range of views and terrains. You will find yourself back on the 14 and on the way home by late afternoon.

​RSVPs will be handled on our page or send us an email.

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Hey Dads!  If you were ever planning on dragging your family along for any of your off-roading adventures then this is the one.  It takes place on the Saturday of Father's Day weekend so it will be hard for them to say no.

The trails are not technical. The day is relatively short and has a manageable start time. The views will be varied and beautiful.  We will make more than the usual number of short stops for photos, bathroom breaks, and leg-stretching.  Kids are encouraged.  Our founder is even bringing his wife and kid, which will be a first after 5 years.

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The vast majority of trails we will take during the day are well-maintained dirt trails and roads.  This will keep the challenges to a minimum and make this the perfect ride for beginners.


The excursion will be lead by a mostly stock Nissan X-Terra, so odds are your rig can do this.  Stock Wranglers, 4-Runners, or just about any 4X4 vehicle with a little clearance can handle this for sure.  There will be a few opportunities for built-up rigs to play on some side challenges (especially if Dove Springs is open by then) but the main goal of this ride is to get us into nature, not trouble.

Having said that, trail conditions change all the time and we may run into a downed tree or deep rut (as our scouting crew did in April) that we will work together to get through.  It's part of the adventure.

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These are unique times.  The truth is any one of us could arrive carrying COVID and not know it.  However, off-roading is by nature a socially-distant activity.  So a few simple guidelines during the stops will help keep our little ride from become an accidental coronavirus hot spot. 

First and foremost, please keep 6 feet of distance between yourself and people from other vehicles at all times.  Even though we are outside in the wide open, if you cough or sneeze, do so into your elbow and away from others.  Masks are not required but are encouraged.  Please show respect for all attendees who elect to wear masks.

Needless to say, if you or anyone in your party is not feeling 100% on ride day, please stay home and take care of yourselves.

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  • The event is free and all trails we are accessing are free.

  • Get gas in the town of Mojave, which you will pass through 25 miles before the meetup spot, and has several stations along the strip.  Your only option if you pass these up will be $1.50/gallon more expensive.

  • You absolutely can make it from Mojave through the entire meetup and back to Mojave on a single tank of gas (The SCORCH X-Terra has a small tank, low MPG, and still makes it every time).

  • Since the pre-drive meeting starts at 8:30am sharp, plan on arriving early.

  • Leave time to air your tires down to 15-20 psi when you arrive, as the ride will be more comfy and you will be less likely to get stuck.

  • We will pass vault toilets at the very beginning of the ride and at the end, which may be closed for COVID, and nothing in between so bring whatever you need for "going in the wild" along the way.

  • Lunch stop will be a full hour and we will be making frequent stops for photos, bathroom breaks, leg stretching, and just taking it all in.

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This is an off-road drive way off the grid deep into the desert, up a mountain, through a forest, along a ridge, and back into the desert.  Get your vehicle inspected and pack it accordingly. Please use the specific links below for any purchases as we earn a small commission from Amazon to support our group.


  • Lots of water - It's dry in the desert and can be dry at 7,000 feet.

  • Food - Like any road trip, snacks are key.  Pack for a nice long lunch too.  No fires at our lunch stop but bring along your camp stove if you are looking to cook.

  • Radio - The lead rig will be broadcasting on race radio (we recommend this 5w tri-band or this 8w dual-band) so you can hear it. We are no longer broadcasting on CB

  • Air Pump - We recommend this off road air compressor to quickly air SUV and truck tires up and down for better trail performance. Do not show up with a cigarette lighter-powered pump for passenger cars.

  • Tow Gear - Bring a tow cable like this one or winch and have tow points to connect them to so we can pull you out of a ditch if needed. 

  • Spare Tire - Duh!

  • Camp Chairs - Bring a decent portable chair like this (or this one) for the lunch stop.

  • Garbage bags - This is Leave No Trace event so be prepared to pack out all trash

  • Sunblock - It's the desert in June.


  • Tools - Any tools you can bring along that might help get your rig or another driver's rig patched up in the wild would be greatly appreciated.

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The organizers of this meetup are not responsible for any damage done to your person or vehicle at this event, getting to this event, or after this event. We are a group of adults meeting up for an activity that takes a high degree of personal responsibility. All participants must do so at their own risk.


If you act like an asshat, douche, idiot, jerk, or in any way behave or operate your vehicle in a manner that is a risk or annoyance to others or does not respect the applicable rules for the trail, you may be asked to leave the ride and be possibly ejected from SCORCH.

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